SCTP Link Failure Response Evaluation

Our intention is to determine the degree to which the emerging SCTP protocol, as relized in different implementations that we have examined, can tolerate link failures and yet provide continuous data delivery. [This effort is part of our ongoing effort to use SCTP under the TAO Orb.] Our test environment is as follows. Two computers (model details below) are populated with two 100 Mbps ethernet cards each and connected via a crossover cables per figure below. We use the "iptables" command to periodically take the links up and down as is also shown in the figure.

SCTP Timing Results For OpenSS7 Implementation

The following are results of our timing experiments using the OpenSS7 implementation of SCTP for the Linux kernel.

The following "quad chart" shows a comparative summary of our results todate. Currently the SCTP baseline test (where no link interruptions are happening) does not show any results beyond 1024 byte message sizes as things are unstable beyond 1 MTU message size.

Results in Details.

Please follow the links for access to each of the test cases. As you view these charts you can mouse over each message size to view the statistics. In addition, a mouse click will further move you to the histogram for each message size.

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